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Our purpose is to inform and support the ABF community. Hopefully this information will help guide you along your path of discovery. Adult Nursing or Breastfeeding Relationships are unfortunately, misunderstood by the mainstream. We will attempt to breakdown the taboo and initiate conversation about what it really means for a woman to be able to share such an intimate act with her partner.


It is important to realize that ANR’s are not purely sexual in their nature. They are more than a mere fetish. They are closer to a lifestyle, due to the necessary maintenance and scheduling they incur. ANR’s require a deep foundation of trust and communication. Our community can help to foster those values and help new ANR’s flourish, away from judgement and criticism. If you are new to the world of ANR’s then you might be wondering whether such a lifestyle could ever be right for you. It is an important question and one that every couple needs to ask themselves before taking on such an involved practice. But if you’ve ever considered it, or become aroused at the thought, then this website is a good place for you to start finding out more.


Maybe you are wondering whether Adult Nursing is possible, even if you have never been pregnant. Your journey should be embarked on with the aim of discovering more about yourself and your relationship and entered into with complete openness and acceptance.

It is possible for lactation to be induced even if you gave birth many years ago or have never been pregnant. We will be able to advise you, should you choose to go this route. We are not here to judge anyone’s experience of ANR’s, only to help guide and facilitate your own personal exploration. When ANR’s work well, couples often find an increased sense of intimacy and trust towards their partner. Many couples credit ANR with bringing them closer together due to the interdependency the practice creates. When a couple can share something so vulnerable and special with one another, and when they can rely on one another to maintain the practice and protect one another from outside criticism.Many women feel as though the world of ANR’s has opened them up to a whole other side of their femininity and here, we believe that is a wonderful thing. ANR’s can be truly strengthening for some women emotionally as they find a renewed sense of self-esteem in the total ownership of their own bodies. That they can provide such a wonderful gift to share with someone they love is something many women in ANR’s find deeply rewarding, in emotional, physical and even spiritual ways.

The feminine form is nothing to be ashamed of. The breast is the source from which our entire species fed and survived. There is something both noble and humble about lactation that is so sadly under appreciated in our modern society.Maybe most of the world doesn’t see it, but we do and we would love to share our vision with you. May your search be swift and gratifying. 

The Latch

When reading posts in the ABF/ANR community or researching lactation, you’ll likely come across the word “latch” fairly often. Latch is the term used to describe the technique of sealing the lips and tongue over the nipple and areola in order to suckle milk. Latching is relatively simple in practice (almost everyone is born knowing how to do it); however, incorrect latch among adults is quite common and can reduce the effectiveness of the breast’s natural ability produce and express milk, and in some cases, prevent lactation altogether.


Perhaps the most common misconception is that milk comes from the nipple. In fact, milk must first be moved from the mammary glands, through the milk ducts, to small milk sinuses beneath the nipple and areola. This process is stimulated by the hormone oxytocin. Proper suckling technique easily expresses milk from a filled sinus–the problem is creating the proper stimulation to release oxytocin and begin the process. Many adults are accustomed to nipple-sucking as a form of foreplay, but this stimulation is different from the more engaged suckling needed to prompt the release of oxytocin and production of milk.
To latch correctly, the lips must be sealed against the areola, rather than just around the nipple. The recipient should try to fit as much of the breast into the mouth as is comfortable. Rolling the tongue back will pull the nipple and a portion of the areola back onto the tongue and press it against the roof of the mouth–this motion squeezes the milk sinuses behind the nipple, coaxing milk into the mouth. Minimum suction is needed because the recipient does not really “suck” milk from the breast so much as swallow any milk that has been pressed out of the sinuses. Suckling is accomplished by a pulsation of rhythmic sucking, moderate squeezing of the nipple and a portion of the areola by the tongue, and occasional swallowing. Sucking harder and squeezing roughly will not only get you nowhere, but can actually damage the milk ducts. If you’re trying to increase production, remember to continue suckling for a few minutes after the breast has emptied, which indicates to the milk ducts that they need to meet higher demand.

As a couple becomes experienced with adult nursing, suckling becomes rhythmic and relaxed. When suckled properly, women often experience bouts of uterine contractions (much like the ones that occur during orgasm) as a result of the intense hormone release – reward your partner accordingly! Each partner should be sure that the other is comfortable, and speak up if any discomfort or pain occurs. It can sometimes take time for the recipient to latch on without too much interference from the teeth. It is also totally normal for a “hickey” to form above/around the nipple after suckling, especially if the suckling partner has facial hair. I personally enjoyed the extra stimulation my partner provided by lightly, rhythmically squeezing my breast while suckling–not sure if it will actually accelerate the induction process, but it feels great!




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