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Breast sucking is good for you?Very soon, women will be paying men to have their breasts sucked! According to a report on BBC website, Doctors recommend that women reduce the risk of getting breast cancer by having their breasts sucked thoroughly and vigorously. It is said that regular sucking of the breast lowers the risk level that tends to build up lumps leading to breast cancer. The breast must be sucked as often as possible. Help women fight breast cancer today. Men, please do your part and suck a breast now!

ANR/ABF stands for: A Nursing Relationship/Adult Breast Feeding. ANR/ABF refers to a relationship involving sucking milk from the female breast as an expression of close intimacy. Adult Nursing Relationships depend on a stable and long term relationship of the couple, otherwise it is nearly impossible to maintain a steady milk flow. On the other hand it is frequently reported that breastfeeding has a strong stabilizing effect on the partnership. The breastfeeding woman may experience orgasms or a pleasurable let-down reflex.

Our purpose for initiating this website is to help others connect with people who are interested in adult breastfeeding (ABF) and adult nursing relationships. You can share stories and chat with other members in our forum, and use private messaging. Place your own free adult breastfeeding personals ad and find your ANR partner. The mention of an adult suckling from a woman’s breasts can get a multitude of reactions. For many in our western civilization, the idea of adult breastfeeding may be appalling, or at the least shocking. But at the same time we drink a glass of cow’s milk without giving it a second thought.Adult nursing relationships are considered by many to be a sexual perversion in our culture. But if you take away the social conditioning that makes it “taboo”, I think you will find that there is more of a fascination with adult breastfeeding relationships than most people are willing to admit. Adult Breastfeeding can be a simple sexual fetish, but for many, it is much more. An adult nursing relationship can be one of the most bonding and intimate experiences for a couple. There is a primal bonding that takes place between a woman and her baby as it suckles from her breasts. This experience can also be enjoyed by adults as the woman provides nourishment to her partner.


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  1. I would like to find a woman 45 to 90 for regular anr and possibly more. There’s so little mentioned and men like myself are very frustrated that there aren’t women in the greater Phoenix area available for this. Thank you.

      1. Dear Love:

        When say the west valley, are you talking about the west side of the San Fernando Valley? I live in Northridge myself. What is your name? My name is Joe.

      2. I live in Vancouver. I’m interested. 40 yr old, handsome, loves sucking and worshiping female breasts.

          1. Hi Ini,

            My name is Phil. I’m a Caucasian male… a man of integrity, honest, reliable, trustworthy. I’m D/D free, clean, caring, respectful. I’m very desirous of helping you to induce. I live in north San Diego county… whereabouts are you? If the distance is an obstacle to meeting in person, I would still enjoy talking with you about our shared passion and experiences. I hope you’ll get back to me soon.

          1. Hi Lisa…
            Maybe we are both in luck, As I currently live in mainland China near Macau and HK and I am TRULY looking for a live in ANR partner who wants to be suckled several times a day.. If your not currently lactating we can enjoy the long inducement procedure together as that will make Us sincerely bond as one! I would love to chat with you so we both can understand if our needs are equally on par, as attitude for inducement is critical for success! This is real as you won’t find a more dedicated guy in ANR than ME!!!

            My http://www.wechat.com ID is: Guam1955
            Skype: markallenbright

  2. Hi my name is Ben corts and I’m visiting Seattle Washington and I’m looking for any one 30-40 single women who can breastfed me text me at 208-570-3360 .

    1. I’m looking for any single Girls for an AFB relationship text me at 208 570-3360 or add me on Google Hangouts.

  3. Hi I am looking for women 21-46 looking for dedicated adult breastfeeding relationship. I am willing to relocate also if required to help dedicated anr partner

    1. Hi there,
      I am a 46 year young woman, 125lbs, 5′, 32DDD dry, and have lactated for an ANR before. I am seeking a committed live-in partner ages 34-52. I desire to build this dream together.
      California, willing to relocate however.

      1. Hello, I’m a 29 yr old Caucasian young man who is interested getting to know you first..and Possibly in suckling you and getting your milk flow back up.

        Where in CA are you? How long has it been since you lactated? Can you email me a picture?


          1. Hi Nicole. 39 WM in DMV. IM very respectful, discrete and interested. Are you really out there,

        1. Hello im a bm in louisville ky you can reach me at 502 628 8130 dee n we can talk n see what you talking about n maybe meet

      2. Hello Dawna,

        I share your dream… such a wonderful pursuit and fulfillment with a like-minded spirit! Even though your posting is from more than a year ago, I just now discovered this site and found your posting. So I’m wondering if you’re still looking for an ANR partner? I live in California… north San Diego county. I’m 63 years young… are you firmly stuck on your preferred age range? Let me know your situation and desires… I hope to hear back from you soon.


          1. Hi carol. I am located in indiana. Very interested in anr. I am on kik aswell sailorjerry1926

          2. Hi carol lets chat. I am located in indiana. Very interested in anr. I am on kik aswell sailorjerry1926

  4. I’ve been dreaming about having an ANR for many years. Is anyone in SW Washington or NW Oregon interested in feeding me?

  5. I’m seeking a busty(DD or larger) lactating woman for a long-term ABF relationship in North Carolina. I am caring and loving. and enjoy sucking. I love the taste of breast milk. Lactating women of any legal age, please feel free to reply. I am a middle aged man, and reasonably good shape and a gentleman. Would love to hear from my “busty wet nurse” very soon. ttman42@hotmail.com

  6. Would love to meet and share the beautiful intimacy and passion of pleasing her with an ANR relationship in Vancouver,Canada. I’m a healthy respectful gentleman. Your pleasure is my pleasure. All ages if mature welcome. I’m 60.

  7. Im a 40.year old man i live in pa im looking for a woman with giant tits too breastfeed me 24/7 i love worm breastmilk i like sucking tits any ladys can text me 7173423218

  8. Hi I am a male in the new England area looking for an ANR partner I have had one before but moved and have missed it ever since .

  9. Is there anyone in Houston, TX. I love to breastfeed even though I’ve done it once I want to do it over and over again.

  10. hi, I’m Suzanne– sexy older TS that has induced lactation and has been lactating for over a year. I love breastfeeding and sharing my milk. Nice 38D cup breasts.
    Please email if interested.

    1. Dear Suzanne,


      I am an older gentleman seeking a woman. Where are you located?

      hi, I’m Suzanne– sexy older TS that has induced lactation and has been lactating for over a year. I love breastfeeding and sharing my milk. Nice 38D cup breasts.
      Please email if interested.

  11. hi, I’m Suzanne– sexy older TS that has induced lactation and has been lactating for over a year. I love breastfeeding and sharing my milk. Nice 38D cup breasts.
    Please email if interested.

  12. I’m a mature lady presently producing drops, would like a local person to visit me in Bromley SE London on a regular basis for a LTR with an aim of bringing my milk in properly so that I can feed you.

    Looking for mature man over 50, loyal, honest, reliable, discrete, able to put in the hours needed to get my milk flowing soon.

    1. HI Jen,
      Am Gerard from Holland……am 65..just retired from teaching all my life.
      I would love to have a brestfeeding relationship with you and you can come over to m e n Holland. I live alone…8 minutes from the beach….in a nice appartment….full of privacy.
      Am 6 feet 6…90kilos…very fit and healthy ,
      Look forward to your reply.
      Stay with me here….would be great.
      hugs from Gerard de Groot

    2. Hi Jen, I am down in the New Forest, so not keen to move near London. you fancy moving down here ?

      wez xx

    3. Hi Jen I live in norbury London interested in breastfeeding can u please get in touch asap discretion assured and expected Anis

  13. Hi, I am a 63 old submissive, but please don’t mistake that for the polyester pants and orthopaededic shoes version of 63, I am an educated professional in my community seeking the same and I think and dress progressively, widowed , living at a lake house in Florida who has always needed my breaststroke sucked to relieve stress and be able to yield to the right man and that made me always want to try induced lactation with a loving long term partner my same age or very near, I literally stumbled on this site as I had no idea where to turn to find some one sincere and not just sex seeking or lecherous, it seems like such a decent site to bring couples together with the same needs and desires. I do not want to nor could ever act as any mans nursing mother and he as a baby. I am drawn to dominant yet loving Alpha men, a Loving Master, who truly no how to treat a naturally submissive woman. I am highly selective and I know that the right man will know exactly how to approach me…I will know him instantly when I hear from him..thank you and stay safe always.

  14. I am an 45 year old woman desperate to breast feed an adult. My long-term partner isn’t into it and I am feeling very isolated and guilty.
    Is there anyone I can chat to about this?

    1. Don’t feel that way breastfeeding is a wonderful thing the bonding and nourishment that adults get from breastfeeding

    2. Hi Sarah-Jane.
      I’m sorry your partner does not share your desire for breastfeeding. I hope, however, that you will not feel guilty about having such a desperate need… I share that passionate desire as well. And more importantly, please do not feel it makes you any less of a woman that he does not have interest in this; quite the contrary… in my opinion, you are even more of a nurturing woman that if you did not have this desire. Anyway, I am here to talk with you if you like, and if it should be that we are near enough to meet, I would love to explore the possibility of fulfilling our shared passion to enjoy this wonderful bonding connection. You can email me at t4t@mailforce.net or text me at 619-840-1646. I look forward to talking with you soon.

    3. Dear Sara-Jane,

      I am a kind, caring respectful gentleman, who would be happy to chat with you about your situation, as I am in a similar one.


  15. Hi, I’m a 40-year-old Hispanic man in Arlington, VA. I’m looking for a female partner in NoVa area. I have some experience in ABF. Please e-mail me if interested.

  16. I’m sorry to say I give up there is no one in the new England area so I give up

    I wish you all well and best of luck Love you all


  17. Couple with female looking for an anr in the Henderson/Las Vegas area. 35 yo female 5’2″ with a childlike need to be nurtured. I’m her Daddy and would like to make this happen for her. Foreverzdaddy

  18. Hi, I am very kind and romantic man….looking for a women between 20-40 with milk. I am passionate about breasts and milk. I am in toronto, Canada

    1. Hi Holly, I am interested in inducing lactation naturally and breast cancer prevention Will you be interested in learning more about these ideas please email venmani1948at gmail dotcom use symbols please

  19. How do I post a personal ad or reply to a post? I just discovered your site & would like to join. how do i sign in?

  20. I am a BBW female in Orlando FL who is trying to induce lactation. I am dripping right now and I am looking for a female near me to suckle me to help my milk come in.

  21. 6’2, Brown, Blue, Caucasian, Male

    Jock Type Body

    Handsome – Healthy – Hungry

    Intelligent, Educated, Executive

    Experienced a Wonderful Long-term ABF/ANR in the Past and Miss All it has to Offer.

    Indianapolis Based; However, Travel throughout the US

    Telework Allows Me to Relocate for the Right Woman.

    I Hope to Hear from You- tooblackbmw at g mail

  22. I experienced a ABF/ANR while serving in the US Military Overseas. I felt this this might be exclusively European. I have been trying to find what I lost here in Indianapolis, Indiana; however, it never seems to work out. I travel as I choose across the United States (most frequently to Dallas and Louisville). Due to the fact I am in a tele-work status, relocation for the right relationship is a realistic option.
    I am seeking my counterpart:
    Caucasian, 6’3, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Athletic, Well Groomed and Mannered.
    I am:
    Respectful of Boundaries, Committed to the Process and Can Be Discrete if Needed.
    I Would be Very Interested in an Eastern or Western European Woman and/or a Woman from the UK (I lived in Hereford and Aldershot) who Travels to the US. A Professional Business Traveler- may also be able to Link our Schedules.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

  23. Hello, I am a AA male, a very youthful middle age. I am ISO a female in the Washington DC area. I have always enjoyed suckling. Looking for a ltr DRY ANR/ABF. We would share and evolve into a couple. Please understand this is not an ad for sex. I could suckle for hours. And if they are sensitive that would be Great. I live in NW Washington DC. My lips are ready are you the One!!!

  24. Good day to the beautiful women looking for abf. I am a 46 y/o male living in San Diego. I have been looking for a woman who desires to share her sweet nectar and build a friendship in this beautiful and loving way.

  25. In Southern MI, looking for partner for ABR long term. Working on induction alone. Crave your moist gentle tongue tugging on my heavy full breasts

  26. Hey guys! I’m Helen 25 y.o. I have the most beautiful milky boobs u have ever seen. They look like silicone after pregnancy but they r natural. Wanna taste them

  27. I’m in the Ottawa/ Gatineau,Canada region. I have been looking for so long to find a woman to let me taste some of your milk. If you are one of them, pls contact me. I’m more available during the day. I’m in the 30’s, hazel eyes. carlos4real81@gmail.com

  28. UK, good looking guy, early 30s, looking for 20s girl into ANR/ABF

    I need this in a relationship.

    Genuine, good sense of humour, down to earth.
    Would love to meet someone with a genuine connection, and mutual attraction.
    you can message me on fetlife: suckleuk 🙂

  29. I’m interested in this particular lifestyle.
    Hope to hear from a woman that would like to partner with me. I’m a New York City native.

  30. Also looking for a woman 20- 40 years of age.
    Large bust, great sense of humor, into science Fiction, comic book geek stuff. New york city native. Hope to hear from a like minded partner that will partner with me in this particular lifestyle.

  31. 66yo WM professional in Georgetown, TX, long enamored of ABF. Hoping to find a woman for a regular nursing relationship to induce or breastfeed from.

  32. I’m searching for ABF in the middle Tennessee area or north into south central Kentucky. I’m 45, white, clean cut, respectful, and nice guy. My gmail is rokabilly75

  33. 25 y.o., young Mommy. Lactating. 93/62/91. 172cm, 53 kg. Former model. Hot sexy girl with great body and lovely face.
    My boobs are so full of milk now. You could enjoy them in live video chat. If you show your real interest.
    My email jessy25milk@gmail.com

  34. Hello I am a 35 yo female in New Haven CT. looking for a ANR in the area. I am able to come to you and suckle on you. I am have a flexible work schedule but I’d like a mid-day feeding regularly. I am D/D free. Hoping to find that person soon..

  35. Hi, I’m a white male, 34 years of age, very polite and patient, about 6ft.2inches, with an athletic muscular build. I definitely want a breastfeeding relationship but I really want to get to know a girl and feel at ease around her first so I’d like to take it slow. If this sounds good to any ladies out there please shoot me a text. I live in Oakland, CA. (510)707-4595

  36. Any ladies in Ottawa, Ontario interested in an ABF relationship? Please reply if interested?

  37. 28 year old BBW mommy in Hanover MD looking for dry nursing, cuddling. Message me on Kik at bunnykins08
    44DD, soft and warm. I need someone to suckle me

  38. Hi. Black young women from Canada Montreal. Looking for a guy or girl who is interested to suck on my nipples as long as he please. My breast are 38DD and need lots of attention. bbwboobs80@gmail.com or my kik: bigboobies1201

  39. 38 year old male just getting started in the lifestyle. Looking for either dry or wet nursing. New to lifestyle and looking to engage in the lifestyle.

  40. Hey there beautiful ladies, I’m looking for ANR/suckling around the Los Angeles area. I’m a 30 year old male, open to something casual or more regular. Lover of all breasts, here to serve you. About me-I’m 6ft, physically fit, clean, easy going, fun, attentive, and passionate. Let me know, KIK is RussellBH1

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