Pam Brown – Tribute

In 1981 you were a DD cup then a FF cup after your pregnancy and have grown since then, how big are they now? What bra size do you wear when you wear a bra, maybe a 36FFF?

  • PAM: : Yes that’s pretty close, the last time I wore one. They just keep getting bigger I believe the last time I was measured, I was a 34I cup.
  • With breasts so big, I know you’ve considered breast reduction but decided against it when you saw the scarring that it leaves. Do you consider having such big breasts a physical handicap?
  • PAM: : Yes, I’ve always hated them being so big and heavy.

When did your breasts start developing, did you like them at first?

  • PAM: : They started developing when I was 12 years old and haven’t stopped!

After your pregnancy, did your breasts produce a lot of milk?

  • PAM: : TOO MUCH MILK!!! I was leaking all the time!

In most of your photo shoots and videos, you suck your nipples a lot, which drives boob lovers crazy. Do you like doing this and is it sensual?

  • PAM: : I love to suck my nipples it makes me cum!

Did you suck milk from your breasts during or after your pregnancy? Did you like it?

  • PAM: : Yes, I sucked milk from my breasts and yes I liked it! So did everyone else that was privileged to suck them.

When you were lactating, you said you liked sucking milk from them, did it taste good and how long did you lactate?

  • PAM: : Yes, the milk tasted good. I can’t remember how long I lactated but it was quite a while.

Did you breast feed you daughter (besides everyone else)?

  • PAM: : Yes

Are there any pics or videos of you lactating?

  • PAM: : Sorry, no milk pics.
Bra/cup size:34I (75I)

When was the last time you had a tape measure around your bust? What did they measure?

  • PAM: : I haven’t had a tape measure around them in a while. I would guess about 46 or 48 inches by now.

When dancing and flinging your breasts around, did they get sore a lot? Did it cause them to sag more?

  • PAM: : My breasts don’t get sore, my back does, but it feels good to swing my breasts around.

Do you still suck your nipples a lot? Does it still make you cum?

  • PAM: : When I masturbate, I pull on my rings with my teeth but when it gets cold here and my clit ring gets cold it makes me cum.

How does it make you feel that even after several years, a lot of men still lust after you?

  • PAM: : I like the attention that my breasts have brought me.