I had been thinking about getting a nursing bra ever since my husband and I started on our breastfeeding journey. It wasn’t that I really needed one – I wasn’t going to need to feed him in a public place, and I wasn’t going to need easy access to my breasts for a quick feed either. On the contrary, we’re usually in our bed, warm and snug, when he cuddles up and reaches for my nipple. But the thought of wearing a nursing bra intrigued me – and it  excited me.


I loved to dream and imagine how the next nursing session will be and I wanted something to always remind me of who I was – a nursing wife to her husband. I wanted something close to me that nobody else could see, a little secret that I held close, that was there but not there. And when the idea of a nursing bra came to mind, I became almost desperate to have one. I imagined wearing it during my normal day, something that was functional yet full of delight. I imagined my husband un-clipping it, softly letting my breast fall out, and catching the nipple with his lips.

And so I started my search! I didn’t want to go to a store to buy one, although the thought made me feel quite naughty as well… but I started my search online. I found lots on Amazon and through other online department stores. For those who are thinking of getting one, or who now think they’d want one after reading my post (!!), I recommend Amazon. There’s lots of choice in colours and sizes and fabrics. There are two main designs – both have clips on the shoulders but the one I chose frames the breast and gives more support to those of us who wear a DD cup! This is the one I bought – in black – and I love it. I often wear it during the day under a loose jumper and I can feel my nipples press against the soft fabric. At night, I wear it to bed and watch my husbands eyes light up as he reaches for the clip and waits for his feeding.

It’s a simple article of clothing. It’s not sexy like lingerie. But to us, it’s the sexiest piece of underwear I’ll ever own.
source: “lactating lover”

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  1. SWM college graduate age 60 searching for an open minded female for anrabf in Tampa Bay, florida. My desire is to be in a relationship that includes adult nursing. Bonding with someone that no one else shares is a wonderful thing. Having that special relationship with her would make me more happier.
    An adult nursing relationship fills that missing link between a couple. The bonding, sensual and erotic connection that we all want to feel. ANR is having a tie to someone that is stronger and more meaningful than a traditional relationship. The idea of having such an intimate connection with someone who shares this desire is such a turn-on and I do not want a relationship without it.

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