Maxi Moom’s Natural Way To Maximum Breast Size
Maxi Moom reveals secret tips for enlarging breasts naturally and increasing overall breast volume.

Dear Fan, thank you for being interested in my practical guide to bigger breasts. I won’t waste your time, so let’s start right away! Here is my number one tip for natural breast enlargement:

Get Pregnant

First of all, the best natural way to enlarge breasts is to get pregnant. It’s the biggest enlargement for the shortest period of time you can get naturally. The same goes for the fullness, nothing can beat the looks of swollen breasts full of milk. As an extra benefit, estrogen surges enlarge the blood vessels. I recall my fans liked bulging veins on my breasts very much, when I was pregnant. So, if you are in a relationship and thinking about having a baby, you should know that one of the side effects of pregnancy is a significant increase in breast size. Huge amounts of hormones in your body will cause breasts to swell as they prepare to produce milk. Breasts will stay swollen after the birth and during the breastfeeding. Once your baby stops breast feeding, breasts will probably shrink a bit, but hopefully not to their original size. It may be like 2 cups up, then 1 cup down, so the final increase in size is 1 cup. Sometimes it could be 3 cups up and 0 down, there are no rules. The side effect of this method is happiness of motherhood 🙂 Shortly, if you want the best results in enlarging breasts together with all other “additional” benefits, just get pregnant and breastfeed your baby. There is an alternative method to achieve the same effect, even if you are not planning to have family and your own children. Surrogacy is when a woman carries, delivers and breastfeeds a baby for another woman. This first woman, the surrogate mother, may be the child’s genetic mother (traditional surrogacy) or genetically unrelated to the child (implantation of a previously created embryo). This is not for everyone and certainly is not an easy decision, but exists as a possibility.

Another, more secret approach I’ve heard of, is extremely unethical and I don’t recommend playing such sick games with Mother Nature. You won’t find this “idea” on the Internet or in the magazines and not without the reason. But for the sole purpose of being informed, here it is: First you get pregnant, then you keep the pregnancy for maximum of 12 weeks and then do an abortion. To fit into the allowed timeframe, you should start counting weeks from the first day of your last period, not missed period. Your breasts will start to grow as they usually grow in pregnancy, but you won’t have all the growth caused by breastfeeding. Once again, please don’t ever think of doing anything like this. After all, you want to have a piece of mind, right?

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As a conclusion, I can confirm that pregnancy together with lactation gives the best results in breast growth. Just compare my photos before, during and after the pregnancy, and you will understand what I’m talking about. If you haven’t subscribed to my website yet, you don’t know what you’ve been missing :))) Hurry up and join me at

Induced Lactation

Another possibility to naturally enlarge breasts is to induce lactation. Yes, it is possible to start producing milk without getting pregnant. During pregnancy, breasts are prepared for lactation because of the influence of estrogen, progesterone, prolactin and other hormones. Body naturally responds and the ducts within the breasts increase in size. Upon completion of pregnancy, the levels of progesterone and estrogen drop while prolactin increases. This results in lactation and you start producing breast milk. However, without pregnancy and simply through nipple stimulation, prolactin begins to be secreted. This also prompts a signal to the brain from the breast to release oxytocin, which is the key to start the ejection of the milk (aka “let down reflex”). The best way to begin nipple stimulation is by letting an actual baby to suckle at your breasts, because nothing can stimulate milk production like the suckle of a baby. However, many women choose to jump start the process with a breast pump. If this is the case, a hospital grade pump is worth the money.

Short instructions for inducing lactation: Nursing is based on a simple “supply-and-demand” principle. To induce milk the breasts should be stimulated by a woman and/or her partner, for approximately 20 minutes, (10 minutes each breast), as much as 8 times every day. The most beneficial technique of breast stimulation is suckling by a partner, although lactation could also be induced through a combination of hand massage and nipple stimulation. Human hormones which start milk production are secreted for approximately 10 minutes and normally remain in the blood stream for no more than 20 minutes. There is no benefit in suckling or massaging for more then 20 minutes, due to the fact that hormone levels will go back to normal after that period.

Later in the process of inducing lactation, you may want to include a special breast pump together with hand stimulation sessions. Do not practice breast pumping until you have enough milk to pump. Even the most effective breast pumps give poor stimulation and usually fail to drain all of the milk. When stimulating milk production manually by hand, you have to be sure to express all of your milk on every single session. Milk production will only increase when mammary glands have used all of the secreted hormones. In case you stop stimulation of breasts and nipples before your hormone levels have returned to normal, the milk production will not increase.

Note:                               Where adult nursing is concerned, the quality of the relationship seems to be more important than just the quantity of milk. This allows inducing lactation at reduced levels of milk production and all the benefits of lactation and adult nursing. If you plan to induce milk to nurse an adult partner, you may reduce the quantity of sessions per day. Lactation could be induced with as few as 4 of 20 minute sessions a day. Nevertheless, the more sessions you are able to perform, the faster and better final results will be.

If you have a breast pump available, you may try to include it into your 20 minute stimulation sessions. Usually, breast pumps provide a poor stimulation and should not be used to replace hand massage or suckling. You may try to pump one breast while hand massaging the other, but you still have to complete 10 minutes of hand stimulation on each breast. Do not try to short cut your efforts to induce lactation with a breast pump. It’s ok to use a breast pump to express milk from the breasts, but after the pump appears to have drained the breast, you still have to continue expressing milk by hand, because even the best pumps will not completely drain the breast. Shortly, your milk supply will not increase unless the breast is completely drained at each session. Draining the breast at each session is essential to inducing lactation.

The real secret behind inducing milk production is your mental and emotional state. During the 20 minute stimulation session, you must not let your thoughts wander, you have to focus solely on inducing lactation. Just relax and focus on producing milk. Even when a woman’s milk producing hormone level is high and she experiences the let down reflex, a subconscious mental block can still obstruct lactation. You should let go and drift in to a state of euphoric tranquility that signals the onset of lactation. Your mental and emotional state is equal to, and probably more important than, your physical techniques of inducing lactation. Let go and let your breasts produce milk.


Gravity Pull

To be honest, wearing a bra can be a pain in the bust 🙂 Going bra free reduces shoulder pain, especially when you have extremely heavy breasts like mine. But will they sag? Well, breasts do not have muscles to keep them firm. They have ligaments, connective tissue, fat, and of course outside skin. Gravity pulls down the ligaments, skin can stretch and it leads to sagging. Heavier breasts create a more gravitational pull creating more dropping. Losing weight helps some breast fat disappear; however, skin and ligaments do not retract accordingly which leads to sagging. With normal aging, we loose elasticity of ligaments and skin; therefore, breasts go south. With aging, we also have increased softening of breast tissue which lead to breast sag. Pregnancy also helps increase our chances of sagging earlier. Our breasts get heavier, creating more gravity pull and lose of elasticity. More pregnancies increase the chances of boob droopiness. Plus after weaning a baby, milk-making systems in the breasts shrink because they are not needed anymore. This creates more sag. But hey, let them sag, because they will look bigger! Furthermore, don’t wear bra at home. I’m always braless at home and you can see the result 🙂 Just let the gravity do the job and breast lovers will be grateful.

I’ve also heard about adding weights to already big sagging breasts, to stretch them even more, but I don’t recommend this primitive method. It could be painful and pain will not allow you to hang weights for a longer time. If you can’t handle the weights long enough, then there is no effect.

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Weight Gain

Breasts are composed largely of fatty tissue, making them particularly susceptible to growth when weight is gained. The amount breasts will grow as a result of weight gain varies from person to person. Regardless if you are a skinny or a voluptuous woman, young or mature, putting some weight will enlarge your breasts for sure. Just keep in mind that gaining weight is not quite a healthy thing and you should consult your doctor about it. If you plan to gain only a couple of pounds, then I think it is very safe to try this method. Start with increasing the number of calories you eat each day or boosting the amount of protein and carbohydrates you eat. If you boost intake of fat and sugar, you will gain fat fast and if you gain fat, some of it will be stored in your breasts, increasing their size for sure. If decide to loose fat later on, you’ll notice that breast enlargement was permanent to some degree, because the breast tissue has been stretched permanently during the weight gain.

Food Diet & Herbal Supplements

Consume food that contain high rich proteolysis and estrogen source. You can try to drink mixture blended papaya juice and milk. Research showed that papaya milk drink can help breasts enlargement if taken regularly. Papaya contains preteolytic enzymes which can help in protein digestion. Soy is a great example of high estrogen food that can help breasts growing bigger. Combination of soy, rice, barley and dairy products like cheese, milk, and yogurt is a nutrient diet for grow bigger boobs.

Tofu is a source of isoflavones-estrogen-like compounds that may influence hormones within the human body.
Licorice can increase levels of the hormone prolactin.
Fennel contains the medicinal compounds dianethole and photoanethole, which can alter estrogen levels.
Milk contains reproductive hormones identical to those found in the human body (estrogen, progesterone and prolactin).
Red Clover increase estrogen levels, thereby improving the amount of blood and fat in the breasts.
Anise Seeds plant have a taste and odor similar to other estrogenic herbs, such as licorice and fennel.
Chinese herbs like dong quai, might help round out a flat figure by stimulating estrogen production.
Saw Palmetto is prescribed by doctors as a means to increase breast size, a hormonal regulator, sexual stimulation.
Wild Yam contains diosgenin, a producer of progesterone female hormone.
There are also opinions that you should drink a lot of water to increase the breast size.



As mentioned before, breasts are highly composed of fat. This means they cannot be enlarged with a workout, however, the pectoral muscles beneath the breasts can. So, if you want to grow bigger boobs, then you have to focus on building up pectoralis muscle or chest muscle. Pectoralis is a thick muscle located under your breasts and takes up a lot of space. Doing regular exercises, even simple ones such as push-ups or placing palms together and pressing hard, will make your breasts sit higher on your body and look fuller since those muscles will be more developed.

Pre-workout Stretching Tips: Take the time to do a five-minute light cardio warmup, then proceed to do a series of dynamic stretches. These help acclimate your body to exercising movement. You can include stretches such as arm crossovers, arm circles, shoulder shrugs, shoulder rotations, trunk twists and side bends.

Gym Workout: Due to the pectorals size, you are best served doing exercises from multiple angles. Every time you change the angle, you also change the emphasis on your muscles. This will ensure you achieve full development and make the most progress. Include exercises like incline bench presses, flat bench presses, decline presses and flys. Inclines target the upper pecs, flat bench presses target the middle pecs, decline presses target the lower pecs and flys target the inner pectoral region. If you don’t know how to perform these exercises, ask anyone in the gym or search the Internet. Use free weights with all of your exercises because they lead to a higher amount of muscle recruitment than machines do. Never use momentum and always move the weights through a full range of motion. Heavy resistance is a key component of your workout. The heavier the weights, the more muscle you will build. Use a resistance that you can only lift eight to 12 times with proper form. Do four or five sets of each exercise and work out every three days. If you train every day, your muscles will not have time to fully heal, and you risk hurting yourself.

Home Workout: Perform 4 to 5 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions 2 to 3 times a week to increase muscle size. Here are the excercises:

Modified Push Up – Lie on your stomach, bend your knees, and cross your ankles. Bend your elbows and place your palms on the floor a bit to the side and in front of your shoulders. Straighten your arms and lift your body so you’re balanced on your palms and knees. Tuck your chin a few inches toward your chest so your forehead faces the floor. Tighten your abdominals. Bend your elbows and lower your entire body at once. Rather than trying to touch your chest to the floor, lower only until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Push back up. Don’t lock your elbows at the top of the movement and don’t do the dreaded “head bob.” That’s when you dip your head toward the floor without moving any other part of your body. You can change angles and position of your palms to make pushups more effective and your pectorals bigger.
Incline Fly – Lie on the floor with your head, neck and upper back propped up against several large pillows. Hold a soup can or dumbbell in each hand and press the weights directly above your chest, palms facing each other. Tuck your chin to your chest to align your neck with the rest of your spine, and maintain your natural back posture, neither arched nor flattened. Spreading your arms apart so that your elbows travel down and to the sides, lower the weights until your elbows lightly touch the floor. Maintaining a constant bend in your elbows, lift the weights back up, imagining that you have a barrel lying on your chest and you have to keep your arms wide to reach around it.
Palm Press – Put your hands in front of your breathing area and put your hands in the position of praying. Put your elbows out and push your hands together really hard then do this repeatedly.
Another tip would be to limit cardiovascular exercise. You should limit exercises such as running and jogging to 30 minutes five days a week at the maximum. This amount is adequate to maintain a healthy body, without reducing the volume of breast tissue.

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Massaging your breasts helps blood flow better through the breasts and it also helps prevent breast cancer. Massaging them will do the trick for breast enlargement as well. Breast massage is another method of natural breast enhancement and has always been used as a means of stimulating breast growth, especially in Asia. There has been a speculation that wearing a bra restricts lymph flow and healthy riddance of toxins. Breast massage can help the lymphatic system to drain these pent up toxins and prevent them from building up. By massaging the breasts on a regular basis, some women claimed it has enhanced the shape, size and overall volume of their breasts. Here are some guidelines for breast massage:

Use a cream, oil or other lubricant, preferably a quality one with natural stimulating herbs, to help prevent friction.
Moderate massaging using a gentle back and forth “swishing” action is basic. This can be in a circle around the breast to help maximum lymphatic drainage. If your breasts are not extremely small, you should also try a broad “cow milking” movement.
To gain maximum effects, breast massage should be practiced on a daily basis. Perhaps after the shower, since the skin is still somewhat moist, for a smoother massage. If you prefer, even several times a day can be a great benefit. It depends on what fits into your daily schedule. A few minutes at a time should suffice.
I think massage is an excellent method to enlarge breasts and there are other benefits too. Massage should have a positive influence on swelling of blood vessels and veins on your breasts. That seem to be a special turn on for natural breast lovers.

Hot & Cold Showers

There are some that believe taking hot shower helps blood circulation and causes breasts to be bigger. On the other side, some people believe that taking cold showers, or at least rinsing off with cold water, helps to keep the breasts firm and elastic. Cold water should also slow down the shagging process. Hot and cold showers could be alternated for the best results from both methods, but cold showers particularly don’t sound very pleasant to me, I would rather keep up with hot ones. Not sure if all this can bring any significant results, but showers can’t do any harm, so you can give it a go..

Sexual Intercourse With Continence

This is the ancient secret of the woman who wants to become more beautiful and sensual. Continence can be explained as self-restraint in refraining from orgasm. Here is why… When a woman makes love, the hormone quantity in her body will grow a lot, and in little time her breasts will increase their volume. This is a classic manifestation. But, in the moment of the orgasm, the breasts suddenly become lax, the hormonal constellation modifies fast as well, and after many such acts, all the body, not only the breasts, looses its firmness. The conclusion draws itself: if you want to have big and beautiful breasts, make love, but pay attention to hold back the orgasms. Experience has shown that the women who have sexual intercourse with continence during longer period of time, can increase their breast size as much as 30%.


As far as I know, hypnosis is relying on the methodology of mind power and mind over matter have been hailed as a means of natural breast size increase. There have been a some success stories on the Web, but you should approach with caution, since there is no evidence that this has worked for enough women yet to deem it worthy of publicity. Don’t know if it is worth trying, but at least it’s not dangerous.

Birth Control Pill

The pill can make your boobs grow an entire cup size or maybe two. Some women experienced even bigger growth. This is not a natural method and I can’t recommend it. Talk to your endocrinologist first and ask him about the downsides.

5 Easy Tricks to Make Breasts Look Bigger

Here are a few quick tricks you can do to achieve the visual effect of bigger boobs:

Practice good posture. This is by far the easiest, least expensive and fastest way to make your breasts look bigger. Hold your head up, shoulders rolled back and down, chest forwards and spine straight. This alone can make your breasts look bigger and also perkier, as well as making you look slimmer and taller.
Wear push-up bras. These bras are designed to push your breasts up (as the name implies), and move the breasts closer together, creating more cleavage. They push the boobs up using padding usually made of foam. The best known brand for making push-up bras is Wonderbra. However, most lingerie stores supply them.
Wear padded bras. Like push-up bra’s, padded bras contain foam padding in the cups. They are designed to give fuller looking breasts to small chested women, but don’t lift them or create extra cleavage. Gel, air or water padded bras are the same as foam padded bras, but are designed to look and move more naturally, and to give a more noticeable enhancement. The only down side to these is that they often cost more money. Quick solution in urgent situations is to put socks or cotton makeup pads in your regular bra. Another idea is to wear 2 or 3 bras.
Wear clothes with a detailed neckline. Lace, ruffles and jewels, gathered material, pleats, ruching and twists are some examples of what to look for on the neckline of clothes. This provides a visual boost and makes the breasts appear larger. When wearing ruffles, be careful that they are not too big that they overpower the size of your boobs, else they might make them look smaller rather than larger. Stay away from low v or low scoop necklines, they’ll seem to shrink the size of your boobs. Instead wear moderately high, asymmetrical, crew or gathered necklines. These are the most flattering for women with smaller breasts as they enhance their shape and make them appear bigger.
Use patterns and colours to your advantage. They can help to change the way the proportions of your body look. Generally light colours make something look larger, and dark colours make something look slimmer: If you’re wearing patterns or bright or light colours, then wear them on your torso not your bottom half. You should have duller colours on your bottom half to help make your figure look more in proportion. Wear dark trousers and a top with horizontal stripes to make your hips appear narrower, and your breasts appear larger in comparison. The top should be in light colours.

Conclusion:    Whatever natural methods you choose, please keep in mind that breast enhancement don’t happens over night. You need to be patient and very persistent. Yes, there are easy ways too, like plastic surgery, but not without the price. Read down bellow about all the possible problems this method may cause.

Bonus: Disadvantages and Potential Problems of Breast Implants

Artificial is always bad for many reasons, especially if you’re serious about your health. Natural breast enhancement can do you only good, so I always recommend the natural way. On the other hand, you should be happy with what Mother Nature gave you, because there are lots of men preferring smaller breasts over big ones. Eventually, if you consider getting breast implants, please keep in mind all potential disadvantages and problems.

Unnatural look of “inflated balloons” is quite common. This can actually be offset by a great surgeon. Most doctors will not encourage a patient to go way to big since this often results in a tight, artificial look, especially when lying down on your back, as they stick up obviously, unlike natural breasts that “lay down with you”.
Breast implants tend to feel hard, at least this has been the experience of some women. You have to consistently keep up with massaging them or they do feel hard to the touch and are almost uncomfortable to have in your chest. Massaging of breasts several times a day is required to keep the implant pliable, looking natural, feeling comfortable and preventing hardness. Even this is not enough to keep them from feeling hard and unnatural many times.
Scar tissue around the implants can be a very painful condition if it’s severe. It can even require surgery to get the scar tissue removed, and at it’s worst, may require the implants to be removed.
Price of the surgery is high for most people to afford without taking out a small loan or getting some other sort of assistance.
Recurring price of implant replacement every 10 years. You may not know this, but the implant needs to be replaced every ten years and this means another surgery of course.
Scarring of areola, underarm, or wherever else you choose to have the implant inserted, which can make the fact that one has gotten implants more conspicuous. Also, if the scar areas are not properly cared for, this can make the scarring worse.
If you lose weight, be prepared to lose the breast tissue over the implant, which creates an even more artificial look, since it becomes “all implant”.
The most serious danger is rupture or leakage. The industrial silicone gel can be irritative, increasing the risk of inflammation. Women whose implants have ruptured complained of pain, lumps and nausea. Rupture rates are not high, but it’s certainly something to think about.
That would be all. Thanks for your reading and hope you enjoyed.

Maxi Moom