Realistic Huge Breasted Sex Dolls – World’s biggest Sex Doll Store

  1. Our team consists of native speakers of the 3 most important languages in the doll industry – English, Mandarin (official language of Mainland China) and Cantonese (local dialect of the Guangdong where the factories located in)
  2. Advice with a perfect sense in beautiful dolls (you can see from our cool website design) – Dolls are beauties , can you trust the vendors with an ugly site?
  3. Networking – we maintain a perfect relationship with Jinshan (WM doll producer), 6YE, Climax and many others. Just because we speak their dialect and visit them frequently. Do you think the American or European vendors can do this?
  4. Global vendor – we provide free worldwide delivery. We are located in Hong Kong, the global city with world-class infrastructure. Here we have the British legal system to protect the western buyers. If you purchase your dolls from any of those Chinese manufacturers, they have to be shipped via Hong Kong, we are the gateway to China.
  5. Design a Doll – since we are able to speak the local dialect, our doll custom service is the best on the market. We posses rich knowledge in the doll industry, we know what you want, all these factors bring us a huge contributor when creating a doll from sketch.