The Fetish Community

Breast fetishism is clinically known as “mazophilia.” It falls under the DSM category of partialism, meaning an exclusive focus on one part of the body. Dr. Anil Aggrawal refers to breast partialists as those with, “an exclusive or almost exclusive reliance on breasts as a stimulus for sexual arousal.” There are a number of categories breast partialists can fall into. A simple Google search demonstrates just how wide the community spans.

Erotic Lactation

Also known as milk fetishism or lactophilia. Those with this fetish derive pleasure from watching women lactate, suckling on lactating breasts, or being lactated on. Breast-bearing lactophiliacs similarly enjoy providing such services. In fact, there’s entire school of lactation porn out there. PornHub reports that “milking” is one of the most commonly used adjectives people use when searching for the term “tits.”

The acronym ANR stands for “adult nursing relationship.” The term is often used interchangeably with ABF, or, “adult breast feeding.” There are websites and online forums and blog after blog after blog designed specifically for people seeking this kind of connection. One website provides instructions on how to induce lactation. There’s even a “Christian adult nursing relationships” group that enjoys partaking in ANR (so long as it’s practiced within the confines of marriage).

One blogger writes, “For me, being able to nurse someone is almost unexplainable, but the best way I know how to describe it is: yes, there’s eroticism involved because breastfeeding an adult is still primarily taboo in mainstream society… But really, the biggest thing for me (being the altruist that I am) is the idea of caring for someone and nurturing them in a way that no one else in their life does or could. The idea that they’re gaining sustenance from something I’m providing from my body as nature intended breasts to be used for.”

Proponents of the fetish often point to the fact that breastfeeding releases oxytocin, the same hormone that is released when a person falls in love. Some women claim the act can result in orgasm, or “breastgasms,” as they’ve been termed.

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