Candy Samples-Tribute

According to her website, Samples was approached while in Marina Del Rey, California to do pin-up modeling. During the course of the 1960s she appeared in numerous black and white magazines in “cheesecake” poses. Over the years Samples performed as an exotic dancer. Candy skyrocketed to fame and success most prominently in the 1970s via consistently regular appearances in men’s soft-core publications JuggsGent, and Fling magazines, among others. In the 1970s and 80s, she was indisputably formidable competition for such female hardcore porn luminaries as Marilyn ChambersSeka, and Kay Parker. In addition to appearing in pornographic movies, she also appeared in some B-movie campy roles, including the 1974 science fiction spoof Flesh Gordon. She also appeared in the Russ Meyer satirical sexploitation film Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979). In those same years she took part in some “sexy wrestling” short-footage films too, mainly for Triumph Studios and Ron Dvorkin’s Bellstone.She was often credited as Mary Gavin, though early in her career she sometimes used the names Vivian Andresen and Candy Mosler. With regard to the last alias, there was an unsubstantiated rumor that she was an heiress to the Mosler Safe Co. fortune. She gave some credence to the rumor when, in a purported 1978 interview in the publication, Candy & Uschi Digard (publisher: American Art Enterprises, Inc.), she said she had inherited “a fair amount of money” prior to entering hardcore. But if there was truth to the rumor, she certainly wasn’t prepared for what came next. In her own words, “[I] met a car salesman who I fell madly in love with and he took me for a long ride. …And I ended up penniless.” She appeared in numerous films and magazines during her heyday. Much of her work tended toward softcore, though she wasn’t shy about taking on the hardcore genre. Despite her pleasantly large breasts, she had a relatively lean body overall. Her measurements were reported to be 48DD-24-36.Candy may have been illegitimate. Her upbringing was rather harsh; her mother had been abused, and she did not want a repeat of that for her daughter. Candy admitted it was very, very late when she started having sex and that she was 28 before she discovered oral sex.

Candy was believed to have come from Kansas City to Los Angeles in 1964. She was widowed and a single parent, raising a son on Social Security benefits. Subsequently, she began tearoom modeling in the San Fernando Valley. According to her Web site, “I’ve always been a nudist at heart, which is surprising since I’m from the conservative midwest. However, when I was bouncing down the street in Marina Del Rey California and Dick J. approached me to model for him; and when he said it was nude modeling, I thought ‘maybe’.” About two weeks later I called him and my career was launched.” (best guess of the timeframe here: 1968-1969).

Note: Had the ABF genre been revealed earlier, I think Candy would’ve been more than happy to relactate in order to feed her starving fans. She would have been magnificent. 

During this period, Candy made 4 or 5 hardcore films, later opting to quit for fear of being prosecuted and also because actors at that time made very little money appearing in hardcore porn. Later in the 1980s, Candy returned to hardcore.Candy was a feature dancer for many years from the 1970s into the 1990s. She has written a monthly column, “Candy’s Column,” in Juggs magazine for a number of years. She is retired from the dancing circuit as well as from pornographic films. A natural brunette, she often wore blonde (both yellow and platinum) wigs while being photographed and on the dancing circuit.