Seeking An ANR/ABF Partner-The Long Journey

Attempting to find the right partner is one of the most difficult aspects of an ANR. Finding a reliable partner to for ABF sessions is hard enough; finding a partner willing to commit to the induction, re-lactation, and/or maintenance of milk supply (and with whom you share a special connection to create the elusive “R” element of an ANR) can seem almost impossible. Your search for potential partners will take you in many different directions.You may have to relocate to further the relationship. Those of you in major cities may have more luck, but the search can still take months of false starts. You have essentially two options: introduce ABF/ANR into a pre-existing relationship, or to seek out a new partner with the same passion. The former is the easier route. The theme of your search should be persistence…persistence…persistence. In time,your diligence will be rewarded.Before you share your desires with someone, you must first be comfortable with them yourself. If you are trying to introduce ABF/ANR to your current partner, keep in mind that you are almost certainly your partner’s first introduction to the concept. As a result, you will be leading them. If you are comfortable, they’ll feel more comfortable too. And although our sexually-repressive culture tries to say otherwise, almost everyone has a bit of kink in there somewhere–so embrace your inner passion.04 (3)04 (3)Getting comfortable with your desire for ABF/ANR serves two important purposes: first, you’ll be modeling the type of positive behavior you hope your partner follows; second, your comfort will help to normalize ABF/ANR, making it easier for your partner to accept as part of your relationship. Fear of rejection or having your desires dismissed as “perverse” is intimidating, but making yourself vulnerable and putting your trust in your partner’s acceptance is the best first step for a healthy ABF/ANR experience.

In that sense, finding a new partner who is already on the same page is significantly less daunting. When searching for a partner, you may want to cast as wide a net as possible by posting on a popular forum like craigslist (where I made many connections and eventually found a long-term partner) or a dating website (many people seeking a certain fetish partner create dating accounts without photos or personal information that could reveal their identity), which enables you to find partners nearby. When posting in search of a partner, always be up front about your intentions. Are you looking for casual ABF or a committed ANR? Will the relationship be sexual or platonic? Are you looking to add other elements (dom/sub, role-play, etc.)? Then be clear about who you’re looking for. Does age matter? Relationship status? Commuting distance?

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When responding to a post, be similarly honest about yourself and your desires. Most importantly, be respectful–and actually read the post. My inbox was flooded with messages from men (some merely a “hey baby ;)” or a “whats ur cup size”) who clearly either barely skimmed my post, or didn’t read it at all. This was incredibly frustrating.

What Women Want

  • Women are not looking for men who want a single nursing session with us just to satisfy a lifelong curiosity.
  • They don’t want to be asked to send photos of  their  breasts. I can’t emphasize strongly enough how much they don’t want that.
  • They don’t want to be asked questions of an overtly sexual nature, like whether or not they have orgasms when we nurse. Most compatible man/woman relationships are eventually going to become sexual, but just like a conventional relationship, it will happen only when a level of trust and comfort is reached.
  • When you ask a woman what she wants from an ANR, she’s probably going to use words like “intimacy” and “bonding with my partner.” Listen to what she’s saying. She’s not talking about one-shot deals with strangers. She’s looking for one man and one right relationship.
  • Treat them with the same level of respect you would show to a woman you were meeting on eHarmony. You wouldn’t ask her to describe her breasts.
    They want to be seen as the whole women that we are, not as circus freaks who have a bizarre sexual talent to offer.
  • When you’re unsure about how much personal or intimate information you can ask of her, follow the woman’s lead. She’ll set the tone.

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516 thoughts on “Seeking An ANR/ABF Partner-The Long Journey

  1. Hi my name is Ben Corts I’m 28 years old and I’m interested in any single Girls that will Breastfeed me I’m in Seattle

    1. Please read What Women want!!!

      I want to know more about YOU (a man) before you chomp on my breasts.

      I want our relationship to be normal; To be wined/dined; family/friends; trips.

    2. Please read What Women want!!!

      I want to know more about YOU (a man) before you chomp on my breasts.

      I want our relationship to be normal; To be wined/dined; family/friends; trips.

      Breastfeeding is secondary to how you treat me/our family&friends – normal relationship!

  2. I am MAN looking for a WOMAN who can separate passion from sexuality:

    Just interested in adult breast-feeding, especially curious to explore induced lactation. I am open to discussion with anyone interested. Your age (just be an adult), ethnicity/religion, relationship status does not matter to me.

    Please write “moon” in subject-line if you wish to drop me a line.

    Milky Dreams (from India)

          1. Hi Angela,
            Are you still seeking a suckling partner? I’m in SoCal… North San Diego County. I’d love to help bring in your supply! Let me know if we’re close enough for me to help.

          2. I also am in SoCal and would love to help you induce and ideally form a long term mutually symbiotic relationship.

        1. Hi Chris, where in CA are you? Im near Riverside County. Not currently lactating but eager to begin the process with someone who is experienced. I have had ANR in the past that were great and I want that again.

  3. I really like sex don’t get me wrong but I every part of your body but I really enjoy your loving intimacy bonding connection if u were to me suckle your nipples and hear you moan as you let your milk flows into my mouth. You feel so good don’t you like you’ve for ever wanted to do this and as you hormones kick in you wonder why you never let me suckle you earlier as I hear the groans and moans from you and you hear me making noises which can only me to you that this is sheer and real love at your breasts and you relax in the wonderment and bliss knowing just how good this really feels to share you golden liquid that only a woman can provide to that one person she has longed for along with your nipples and breasts and areola as my tongue tickles and covers all of this area and your mind floats away to a heavenly place as you are giving the most valuable liquid you could ever give anyone and that person happens to be me. I too have moved to another planet in the solar system because your my one and only giver and you don’t want this nurturing of love to cease not even for a milk second as my sucking continues and you feel each tiny drop leaving anyone of those wholes around your nipple and at the main nipple duct too you feel like you’ve always wanted to share with me your partner and as you undo your blouse and unclasped your bra you are now ready for this astonishing period that I’m at your breasts be enriched by your warm sweet milk. And as you look down you see your let down of your first drop enters my awaiting mouth and wets my appetite for even more from you, then it start to flow really strongly and I look up at you in delight as I’ve been very thirsty for you golden liquid and you see it as I quietly fall asleep just like an infant at your breast.

    1. I am 56 have been interested in adult breastfeeding for a while..but never found the right one..ID like to need someone that’s already experienced this n can show me and reep n enjoy the benefits together

        1. Hi Marian, I’m Mom 32 and I am really adore breastfeeding and the way it feels inside my mouth and I would love to have a female partner who shearing this momnet

        2. Can you help me too? I’m an older guy wishing to enter a committed ABF/ANR but I am located in Lincoln UK. New to this site but I have experience in dry nursing years ago and want to take this further. Thanks.

  4. hello there,
    I am a male in late twenties looking for a lady who is interested in ANR/ABF in Halifax, Canada.Having previous ANR before , I have gained practical experience in the art of proper latching. Currently looking for a female partner to havea ABF relation in the hope of developing a consistent ANR ; just want to have that innocent intimacy, bonding and deep connection with her based on mutual respect. Can also help inducing.I dont have much of a preference. So if any ladies in Halifax is lactating or wants to lactate, text me at 902-700-3664 or at and get to know each other.

    1. Wish we lived closer. Currently lactating (8 months postpartum) I never got my son to latch and transfer and would love to nurse you

      1. KC-

        6’3, Brown Hair, Blue Eye’d, Caucasian Professional, Intelligent, Interesting

        I Travel the US Regularly and Would Love to Meet.

        Experienced a Wonderful ABF/ANR Relationship and Would Love to Again.

        Please Reach Out- Tooblackbmw at G Mail

  5. Hi. I’m Levi. I’m 25 and looking for a casual AN at first. Maybe see where it goes. Had a few gfs in the past that we’re ok with it but weren’t that into it. I am always respectful.

  6. Looking in San Antonio for a casual relationship. I had a friend that use to let me do it, but moved away, so I’m familiar with the delicacy and process.

  7. SWM in Tampa Bay Florida Searching for ANR relationship that is an intense bond with a woman. It is a feeling that the two of you can not be separated. It’s hard to put into words how intense it can be and I’ve craved it more than you could ever imagine but there has to be more than just ANR there has to be a relationship as well and I’ve never really had that so I can only imagine what it would be like to have a partner who I can connect with on that many levels of a relationship.

    1. Hi…I am not sure if you are the same person… I might have already responded to another one of your posts….please excuse me for my confusion as this is my very first day on this site (actually I was not even aware sites such as this even existed-but it seems like a very professional place to be ) and my posts are still awaiting approval …as a 63 yr old professional woman in my community in Citrus county Florida ..and a natural submissive…I am very insecure about posting anything on the Internet …I cannot re type my entire postings so please forgive me about that also…if yo are interested in any manner I have payed a comment in the “about us” section and I also placed a personal ad…both identified with the name reven Edge master…thank you kindly…stay safe always…reven.

      1. Hello reven, I am also very self concious about posting but thought I would ask if you have found what you are looking for. I’m an early 30’s proffesional in the bay area

    1. Are you looking for someone to nurse on your breasts or to be the one suckling? I’m a woman in the Tacoma area that would be interested in either scenario.

  8. Hello,
    I have been I to Abf sorry some time now, and have come to see it is something I am really wanting. If any ladies in the north Carolina area, jvillle or Wilmington areas would like to start. I am more then willing on giving my time and efforts to this amazing adventure. Email me if you are interested @
    I hope you all fined what it is you are are here for
    Let the milk flow.

  9. Have been interested in suckling for many years. I am in NC but from another state. I will consider almost anywhere including UK and Thailand for right situation. Being here could be good since I have a place on an acre .

  10. I’m seeking a busty(DD or larger) lactating woman for a long-term ABF relationship in North Carolina. I am caring and loving. and enjoy sucking. I love the taste of breast milk. Lactating women of any legal age, please feel free to reply. I am a middle aged man, and reasonably good shape and a gentleman. Would love to hear from my “busty wet nurse” very soon.

      1. Hello Kayla,

        Thank you for answering my post. My name is Ira and I live in Lexington.Where are you located? I would love to learn more about you.Feel free to email me. No, I haven’t found that DD lady….or maybe I just did. Hope to hear from you very soon.

      1. Hi! Where are you? I’m an older guy looking for a committed ABF/ANR with someone like minded. I’m based in Lincoln UK.

  11. Recently retired and a lactation lover for 10 years and I’m hooked. I’m truly a great person, love treating a woman RIGHT, and willing to help induce but prefer lactating. Short or long term. Northern Illinois near Rockford. I need your milk… ~M~

      1. Hi Tt,

        I’m in East Bay and also seeking a female for Anr/Abf, I’m 28 living in Tri-City area (Union City), would love to chat.

        Could you please email me when you have a chance: or Kik : drewmuch88,

        Thanks! 🙂

  12. I’m looking for a woman in or close to Seattle, WA that wants a long term ANR. I’ve never experienced it before, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m 30, white, single, DDF, non smoker. If you’re interested my email is Please send a picture of yourself and I’ll reply with one if I’m interested.

  13. Hi, 36 white fem looking for a serious LTR in ANR. Not just for sessions. I am looking to grow with someone while we start the lactation process and just one person. Its so hard to find. I am willing to relocate to find that special Bond. Email me.

    1. would love to chat where are you i am in uk and longing for a long term anr relationship with a woman i am very loving and cant get enough of suckling contact me if your interested derrick

    2. Wow really liked your ad. I think it was worded very well and also emulates what I am seeking as well as a female seeking the right partner for longterm ongoing.

      1. Hi Simone! I’d like to talk with you. I am a white female new to ANR and seeking tenderness and closeness.

        Hope to hear from you!

    3. Hello im anthony 34 live in montana. I am a blk male 6ft.. I have helpes keep milk flowing for a friend.. Been looking a for lady to help me learn and grow with her.. I work but have a open window most days.

  14. Hi I’m a 32yr old black woman. Interested in a Longterm ANR. I’m looking for that intimacy and bond that comes with it. A Longterm nurturing relationship with one guy. I’m in Nebraska. Email me

  15. I live PAPEETE in French Polynesia, South Pacific. I seeking a woman for lactate each day for longtime. A speak French…

    1. I live in Amarillo Texas..don’t have double D’s..but am very interested in this type # is 6155825870..can’t wait to hear from u.

  16. Hi this is Mr Espinosa. Im searching for the right AN partner. I live in Fresno Central CA, I am a sucessful bussiness owner. I have time for your needs. I am 30 years old and willing to travel up to 3 hours . Kindly email at

    1. Hi,

      What part of N CA are you in? I’m a male located in the Bay Area and have been looking for an ANR.

      Sjheat115 at gmail

  17. I’m looking for a woman in or close to Auburn, WA that wants a long term ANR. I’ve never experienced it before, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m 47, white, single, non smoker. If you’re interested my email is Please send a picture of yourself and I’ll reply with one if I’m interested

  18. Never lactated & desire to be Induced. 58young seeks loyal LTR faithful committed kindhearted loving gentleman 1-1-1 ANR. San Diego CA area.

    1. 62 yrs, young minded but perhaps the most sensual, kind-hearted and tender and partner you could hope for. Warm, wet mouth and erotic tongue available for low lighted, enduring sessions

    2. Hello leee…. did you ever find a suckling partner? Still searching? I’m a very fit, respectful, attentive SWM living in San Diego County. I’d love to embark on this wonderful ANR journey with you! Get back to me at or text to 619-840-1646. Hope to hear from you soon!

  19. Hi there black Caribbean bi female 37 in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario Canada. Very light complexion and 45J breasts which love to have sucked. I have never lactated before and seeking the right partner closeby enough to share that ongoing longterm experience with please. It’s been a sexual fantasy of mine but I also think that besides it being a fetish that it could be wonderful beautiful experience with the right partner. If you’re also willing to help me out financially as well that be great. I see that there are things like natural suppliments to induce milk; and breast pumping and other techniques. It will help if you drive because I currently am not. Seeking something ongoing and discrete with someone experienced and sensitive. Some of of my fears are being very swollen that it hurts and also skin care of the nipples and afraid of dripping in through my top (stories I’ve heard). I am open to potential public place discrete that we can breastfeed in the open natural air. Also I really enjoy watching other women breast feed other women especially with big breasts. 1647 467 9377 or

  20. I’m a 5’9″ 165 lb adult male asking if there’s a Caucasian woman in SW Wisconsin interested in initiating an ANR/ABF relationship. I/we would be together for as long you would like to continue. It would be a real plus if customary sexual contact would be part of our ANR. More detail upon request.

    1. Slightly rewritten/updated:
      I’m a 5’9″ 165 lb bearded (facial hair optional) adult male seeking a Caucasian woman in Wisconsin, northern Illinois, eastern Iowa or Minnesota for a ANR/ABF relationship. Women have described me as nice looking with good shoulders and bigger than most. I/we would be together for as long you would like to continue. It would be a real plus if sexual intimacy would be part of our ANR. gets a lot of spam so put ANR/ABF in the subject space which I hopefully would notice before dumping it 😉 Also on kik: TARS2014

  21. 33 yr old black woman. Lives in Papillion Ne.
    I’ve got 42DD huge Titties. Very sensitive nice sized nipples.
    I’m voluptuous,curvy not fat. 5’5
    I’m looking for a serious long term ABf/ANR relationship.
    Someone who would dry suckle me and also be patient enough to induce lactation.

    I have LACTATED before.
    I produce a lot of milk than the average woman lol. My ex gave me the nick name “big juicy milky tits”
    He loved suckling me for hrs. Be it dry or wet. He had to move oversees for work. I miss him n have never found anyone or relationship like we had.

    I want my big boobs to leak uncontrollably like it did with my ex, at the sound of my future partners VOICE!!!!!

    Abf is very intimate, I love the intimacy.
    I love the deep bond,it’s deeper than the deepest depth.
    It’s very relaxin.
    It gets me so wet,which in turns make sex very pleasurable for both of us,Cz I’m a soaking mess.
    You’ll b drenched in my juice n breast milk.
    It’s a unique relationship that only u and your partner can have and it’s very loving.

    I want to b suckled daily!!
    This big Double Ds needs some intense suckler.

    So,if you’re serious about a ABF/ANR Longterm relationship. No games, n if you’re hungry to b nurtured regularly then email me.

    Can’t wait to meet u,build this relationship and feel ur lips on my very sensitive big nipples

  22. I have always been interested in finding out how it would feel to do ABF please someone let me know where or how I can start! I’m a 23 female in MN!

    1. Hi B, Minnesota is a pretty big state, from Hallock to Winona and Hamburg to Grand Portage. I’m not opposed to a relo toward you or with you. Drop a note back when you get a chance.

    2. Hi again Bh,
      Forgot to add you can contact me on kik:TARS2014. and ryrlabiatasty on gmail. Please put ABF or LMH in the subject field — lots of spam there 🙁

      Take care, Don

  23. I am a mature woman, recently retired in the Portland, Oregon area. I would like to find a serious ABF partner to help my milk come down.

    1. Hi, I’m a 56 year old guy and would love to build a safe relationship with a ABF female in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am willing to travel I am compassionate and nursing is a way of showing compassion I believe. I
      would enjoy meeting this person very much so..

      1. I live in SoCal but I’ve been needing to be suckled for over a year! Can’t find a gentleman who knows what he’s doing! Maybe we could have some better luck?

          1. Yes!! Still looking!!! Where do you live Michael? How old are you? Do you have experience with inducing lactation? My breasts are very available to begin nursing

        1. Hello Allie…. did you ever find a suckling partner? Still searching? I’m a very fit, respectful, attentive SWM living in San Diego County. I’d love to embark on this wonderful ANR journey with you! Get back to me at or text to 619-840-1646. Hope to hear from you soon!

    2. Hi MariAna,
      I’m just south of Portland Oregon.
      I’m not sure I should even be doing this.
      My wife and I started ABF, at first she really enjoyed it but then started to feel funny about it.
      Now she doesn’t want anything to do with it 🙁
      I cant quit thinking about it. I love to suckle for long periods and really miss it.

      I’m looking for a friendship only relationship, and not sure if that can even work because of the bond that is formed.

      I work all over the Portland metro area and can takes breaks for short periods to come over and chat and suckle.

      I’m a clean educated well groomed white male age 54 thin to medium build shaved head. (super short on the sides) and 5 a clock shadow.

      Age, looks or size is NOT important to me.
      If you are looking for a friend to share yourself with, I would enjoy receiving the gift from your breast.

      If you don’t feel it appropriate please fell free to let me know.
      Thank you for taking the time to read this,

  24. I’m a Hispanic male looking for a casual anr/abf with a B cup size female or bigger, average body shape, any ethnicity will be ok and you have to be ok with me being a beginner at anr/abf. I am also looking for someone that is already lactating. I live in Palm Springs area.

    1. Oh you are a beginner that’s cool I like beginners love to put big boob in your mouth and have you suck and get the milk that makes you happy

      1. hi Lisa im very interested in finding a ANR/ABF partner I have been looking for a long time with no luck at all. im new to this and a huge boob and nipple lover to I cant suck on boobs enough and im very serious about finding a partner for on going long term suckling if you you are email me please I live in las vegas,nv please if close contact me!!

  25. Travel. Faithful. Loyal. Never lactated, desires to be Induced Give Milk!! 59young, 5feet. Natural 34C. 1-1 committed ANR. Wine/Dine. San Diego,CA

    1. Hello Us,
      I am new to this web site and I’m so happy I found your posting. You seem to be just the kind of woman that I would like for an ANR partner…mature, petite, naturally shapely, faithful and loves to travel.

      I’m a 63-year-young Caucasian male, fit, professionally employed, honest, D/D free. I live in north San Diego county. I’ve never yet had the pleasure of suckling a pair of milky lactating breasts, and since you have never lactated before, we could begin this journey together from the start! I would love to wine and dine you and spend countless blissful suckling sessions as we bring in your milk, then enjoy the delicious sweet fruits of our shared labor!

      I hope you will agree this could be a wonderfully fulfilling experience for us both… if so, please contact me either via email at or text to 619-840-1646. Hope to hear from you soon!

    2. hi im very interested in finding a ANR/ABF partner I have been looking for a long time with no luck at all. im new to this and a huge boob and nipple lover to I cant suck on boobs enough and im very serious about finding a partner for on going long term suckling if you you are email me please I live in las vegas,nv please if close contact me!!

    3. 62 yrs, young minded, passionate and sensually aware. Imagine long intimate sessions of my warm, wet mouth suckling your erect nipples as my tongue teases your arousal. Leave some contact info here in San Diego. Open to meeting you Thurs-Sunday.

      1. Hello Rjen…. apologies that I don’t know your gender… but if you’re Female then I will convey the same message to you that you posted! I’m a very fit, passionate attentive 64-yr-young SWM, living in San Diego County. I’d love to lavish hours of sensuous sucking and suckling on your sweet full breasts! Get back to me at, or text to 619-840-1646.

        And if you’re Male, kindly accept my apologies for this contact.

      1. Hello..I am 56 have never lactated n love to b induced..I need n want the intimacy..I live in Amarillo,Texas..

  26. Hello I am Ron, I use to breast feed with an ex of mine. She will not let me have anymore. I would like a nice woman to breastfeed me from around the DFW area in Texas, I will travel. I need the bond more than anything else.

  27. Hi! I am a professor on summer break now, which means I have about four months for very regular, dedicated breastfeeding. I have space here for temporary relocation, or could travel somewhere within a couple hundred miles.

    I am in berkeley, ca.
    and truly thirsty and thankful for milk you would share with me.

  28. Hello all,

    I am a 37 SWM and also a professor on summer break in Georgia. I’m looking for an ANR relationship in northwestern GA or the Atlanta area.

    I’m new to this but respectful and eager to learn.

    My email is


  29. I have had the opportunity to nurse someone for 2 years till they up and moved they never had the taste of breast milk till I started myself to lacatee they tasted .and after2 years they left. Its a good feeling knowing that you can breastfeed and know they r getting the milk .its relaxing and that’s all they wanted was milk and that’s fine cause I have a boy toy

    1. hi i am young man 42 years old looking for woman to start an adult breastfeding relationship… I am in North Carolinia….

          1. Jen, did you ever find someone? 35yo WM here that is very interested in NC. Give a shout and we can chat!

  30. My name is Andrew I live in Sydney Australia, I’m looking for a female for ABF i have always loved big breasted women young and old. I would like to hear from any woman who is interested and would like to do this with me. I’m in my 30’s and single.
    My number is 0405965239

  31. Hi my name is Rich. I am a SWM in the NYC area looking for a ABF relationship. Please contact me if you are interested.

    1. Hi Roya, I’m Mo 32 and I am really adore breastfeeding and the way it feels inside my mouth and I would love to have a female partner who can gives me her milk


      1. I know that feeling when u r breastfeeding and the r sucking the milk out its a good feeling that u know they r getting the nourishment

  32. Hello I’m interested in a woman looking for breastfeeding relationship. Have been interested in it for sometime so might want to at least chat about first. But definitely interested. I live in Massachusetts. We can just email, share thoughts about it first. No pressure.

  33. In central Ohio looking for an ABR partner. Currently dry nursing, but initiating lactation. I need some help with this men!!:)

      1. I’m in the Louisville Ky area. I’m looking for a ANR with a professional SWM that has class. I’m 43 and need help getting milk. My nipples are very sensitive. I’ve longed for this with the right person.

  34. Sexy Female who want to try ABR ANR in Athens – Greece or somewhere near. I am willing to travel and I’m 31 handsome male.

  35. Hi,

    I am 27 year old man living in Seattle area. Looking for a woman interested in nursing. I maintain a good hygiene level, and expect the same. I have had the desire for nursing for years, but, came to know about such forums very recently. I have no experience in it. However, I am open to learn and experiment. If anyone interested, please email me. We can get together and see how things proceed further.


    Thank you.

  36. Hello everyone! I am a 47 year old African American male and I am married. I must admit that I have long desired enter in this type of ANR/ABR relationship for many years… I’ve discussed the subject with my wife many times, but she has always been completely closed and turned off by the prospect.

    We were never able to successfully had children, and I assured her that it never is diminished her as a woman in my eyes and my heart.

    Parts of me feels ashamed to type this, but I realize that I have to be true to myself and express how I feel inside regarding this.

    I must also confess, that I am almost consumed daily with thoughts of nursing from a woman with the hopes of not only helping a woman induce milk, how to experience the bond that in shoes from it as well. It is not my desire, intent, or wish to offend anyone in any way shape form or fashion.

    I have been a long-time follower of this blog, and I just decided that it was time that I put my heart on the line and see what happens from there. With that being said, I am interested and being nursed /breastfed, and or assisting any open minded receptive woman of any age, nationality, ethnic background with inducing or maintaining milk flow. I would also like to be honest by saying that I have a preference for larger cup sizes with no disrespect to the ladies who may not be with them the criteria that I’ve specified.

    I live in the central Florida / Orlando area, and am willing to travel around the that corridor to meet that special someone willing to share the experience with me.

    If anyone is interested please message me here, and I will provide you with my contact information.

    1. Hi!

      I share the same story, on the opposite side! I’m a married female, currently lactating. I could never nurse my son he just wouldn’t latch. My husband is absolutely repulsed by the idea of me nursing him. I’m an over supplier so I’d easily provide him a healthy 8oz serving with absolutely no worry to taking away milk from our son. I’m in the eastern central part of KS.

      Does your wife know about you wanting this experience? Would you be willing to discuss Breastfeeding and possibly involve our spouses in discussion since we don’t need the bond just want the experience? I’m 5’4″ 150ish lbs (I stay a little thicker to provide that good, buttery, creamy milk), white, of European decent so I look German-polish. Blue eyes, dirty blond hair. I’m cute, small teeth that have never had cavities and I’m a healthy eater. E-mail me. I absolutely will not consider if our spouses do not consent.

  37. Hi ABF community!

    If there’s any women in London/South East region UK, I’d like to experience the fascination.

    Get in contact with me – I’m 28/M/London.

    My email is;

    I’m a Free spirited, easy going, fun loving cool guy with slightly eccentric tendencies 😊

  38. Hi I’m Chubs a 24 y/o man from Nevada(Las Vegas) looking for a serious ANR/ABF partner under 35 who is drug & disease free. Looking for something stable and preferably long-term, If interested email me anytime.

    serious ladies only…

    Great blog i’m a huge fan!!

      1. Hi Holly, I am a mature, professional white male living in downtown Chicago, and am, seeking a woman for an ANR ABF relationship in the Chicagoland area.

  39. 30 y/o male seeking long term ANR in Orlando, FL. First time to ABR but willing to learn and help induce and/or maintain.

  40. Hi, I’m a 21 yr old, black male, looking to try this out for the first time. It definitely intrigues me and really sounds fun. I don’t mind it being sexual as I’m a young single man. I currently reside in the Houston area. Are there any women interested in showing me what its all about in the Houston or surrounding areas? or text 8323659774

  41. I’m a single 27 in Mississippi looking for a partner. I’ve always been into sucking breast but recently discovered abf. Looking for a loving, nurturing, mate to enjoy this experience with.

  42. I am 30 year old white female looking for someone to worship, suck, lick and kiss my big DD boobies! Nothing would make me happier than someone who wants my breasts in their mouth all the time. Im in MI.

    1. I also wouldnt mind enjoying milk and sucking with someone else..i love big breasts and would love to make a womans dreams come true w devout attention to the big beautiful breasts she has

    2. Hi Holly, how are you? My name is Nate and I’m a hygienic 23 year old male who’d love to talk to and suckle from you. Are you in Michigan? What’s your email address? Mine is 🙂

    3. Hi holly , Gary here ,I’m in Michigan every week , are you still looking for someone you can nurse?if so get back to me. Good luck

    4. Holly. I am from Detroit area but I travel all over Michigan and I have been searching for a woman who is open to the idea of nursing a few times a week or more… I am a very good looking tall gentleman who has a breast milk fetish.

      1. Hey lisa… i am male, 26, and looking for an ANR. I am actually planning a road trip south and i would love to spend some time with you if we get along. Maybe even as long as a week? Email be a and we can talk about it.

      2. I am Robert in North Tx. Seeking one partner, to worship her and her breasts, in that order. Am weeks from early retirement and can live anywhere. I want to form a very close bond.

    1. Hola Marian, how are you? Are you still looking for someone? I’d love to help you my name is Nate and I’m 23.

    1. I’m sorry Bob . I have been on here for about a month also and have not anyone. I’m in Arkansas guess they think it’s taboo

  43. UK professional woman: I am looking for an ANR, dry currently but would love to try and induce lactation with the right man. I find the intimacy of breastfeeding your lover to be tender, erotic and bonding.
    I am not looking for a one off hook up I wish to meet someone special who wants and needs this as I do.

    1. I’d be very interested in speaking more if you would be interested. I would like to get the chance to spend time to develop an intimate relationship with someone, and having an interest in AND I think that would be the most brilliant medium to do it.

      I’m a 21 working man – let me know if you like to talk.

    2. Hi! Whereabouts are you? I’m an older guy looking for a committed ABF/ANR with someone like minded. I’m based in Lincoln UK so please reply if it is near enough.

    3. Hi k where in UK are you my abf partner recently moved away and I’m looking for a new partner please email me walkeranthony671@Gmail

    4. Hi hun, I hope that you are well? I have craved ANR for yrs and where possible, have had some experiences of it with a couple of willing partners but not to the extent that I have always dreamed of. Like you I am a professional male amd im UK based. I would love to hear from you. You will find me to be curious about life, relaxed but fun loving. I would welcome the idea of going for nice meals etc as part of the experience. What ever happens id hope and feel that we could both really enjoy ourselves. I hope to hear from you x

  44. Hi , looking for milk maiden age doesn’t matter as long u got milk to feed for . Btw im 21 , male from Malaysia and im really good suckler . Drop me your number/social acc id (fb/wechat/whatsapp) at . Tq

  45. I’m looking for a LTR with the right person. Mature – over 50 as I am, who is able and willing to spend lots of time regularly – increasing my milk from drops at present to a good flow. Must be based locally to me – Bromley/Orpington area of SE London UK.

    Not interested in boys wanting to try this; I want someone who is passionate as I am about flowing milk.

    Looking for mature person, loyal, friendly, reliable – is that you? Look forward to speaking to you.

  46. Hey everyone. I have been searching for the right ANR for about 6 months. Can you believe that i just found this site today after failing on craigslist for so long. Anyway, im 26, male, and in MN twin cities area. Willing to travel. Lets chat!

  47. Hello Lisa! I do a lot of traveling as well, and wondering if you travel, or will be interested in traveling… I would not mind covering the expenses if so. You can either text me at 404 431 6558 or email me at

  48. I am wanting ONLY A FEMALE partner. I haven’t done this before but am very interested in providing. Given the frequent nursing schedule, I am wanting my partner in crime to host on a long term nature. I am willing to move anywhere. A few things that make this unlikely, I know. But have to at least put myself out there.

    1. I have breast feed another women for over 2 years and she like it my boobs was so full. And her health was better

    2. I wish you luck Kristi . I have breastfed another women for over 2 years it was awesome and it improved her health . so I wish you luck.

      1. Lisa – how nice to find another lady who is over the age of 30!! I am in London UK so we won’t be able to meet as I believe you are US, but nice to meet you anyway!!

  49. Hi my name is nick I’m 21 and I just learned about this and thought I’d give it a try. I live in Hacienda heights California text me if your interested (626)826-2448

  50. Hello, I am a guy who is 21 and interested in an ANR. All ages welcome. I am located in DC, and I am willing to travel to the surrounding area for someone to teach me. Email me if interested.

  51. Any ladies in So Cali that would like to be suckled or need help to induce, I would love to help you. Im 36 male Marine. Email:
    Kik: deskjocky80
    Thank you for letting me help you.

    Fixed my email addy.

  52. Seeking a beautiful ANR anywhere in Toronto, Kitchener, Niagara or Brantford with a woman. I am a 29 year old male looking for this ever elusive relationship. I have always desired to be in this bonding relationship providing a true and unique connection. I am not looking for sex either. Please email me at

  53. hello – great forum ! I am a mature male in the UK wanting to embark on a LTR with ABF. This is something I have yearned for all my adult life but not ever found anyone. Now the internet makes this possible would love to seriously try. I would love the nurturing bonding relationship and the softness of suckling on large milk filled breasts.

    Any females who want this in the southampton or bournemouth areas of southern UK doesnt matter about age, colour, religion or size, just as long as its legal.

    1. Hi Wez – how old are you? Don’t think this will work, because I am outside London, Bromley Kent area. Nice to see someone from UK anyway!!

      1. Hi! I’m an older guy based in Lincoln UK and I want to have a committed ABF/ANR with someone like minded. Where are you from?

    1. Hello Christina,
      What is your area of Michigan? You can replyhere or to me on kik:TARS2014 or ryrlabiatasty on gmail. Because of all the spam there please put ABF or LMH in the subject field.

      Take care, Don

  54. Hello I’ve been searching for this for 5 years now going on 6 and the search is getting real discouraging are there any females in Southeast Missouri you are interested in pursuing this journey? I desire this for comfort as well.

    1. Been on here 5 years an know luck. Well I don’t know if I could handle that. But I’m not having any luck in Arkansas

      1. Lisa, Are you still looking in arkansas?
        Its where im living, retired and can come to you or you to me.
        I induced my X wife and enjoyed the experience. Would like to hear from you if your still out there.

        1. Hi Steve have you had any luck yet .I have been off here for awhile think my milk might be gone but if you want to induce me that would work

  55. I am looking for what seems to be mission impossible… WE ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR WOMEN.

    We are a couple, man and woman who want a abf experience. We are both 29, fun and have been trying to do this for awhile without any luck.

    She is currently prego and will be lactating by december-ish she also would love to provide for you as well if you are interested.

    Mattemail1987 at gmail

  56. I’m a single mother, After months of searching for an ANR partner and not being able to find one. I decided to launch a shop to provide FRESH milk to folks struggling to also find a partner; If you’re interested in fresh milk feel free to go to:

      1. Help me service you. Looking for at LTR SWM for a SWF wanting a ANR. You must be professional, classy and discreet. Ideally retired. I’m 43 I’ve needed this for a while. Help me make milk.

  57. Interested in a long term committed anr relationship, live in Richmond va area. I have some experience. You must be single, as am I.

  58. I am here searching for a female companion, lover, best friend and devotee of ANRA/BF that desires a committed long term relationship where anr/abf is incorporated into the relationship as a whole.

    My desire is to be in a relationship that includes adult nursing. Bonding with someone that no one else shares is a wonderful thing. Having that special relationship with her would make me more happier.

    An adult nursing relationship fills that missing link between a couple. The bonding, sensual and erotic connection that we all want to feel. ANR is having a tie to someone that is stronger and more meaningful than a traditional relationship. The idea of having such an intimate connection with someone who shares this desire is such a turn-on and I do not want a relationship without it.

    My email address is:

  59. 43, year old male. I have been looking for an anr or abr relation since i was a child. I dont think women in this part of the world would be ever interested. Would love to chat or mail with interested female from other part of the world. Not interested in sex just the nurturing while suckling milk from boobs and care.

  60. My significant other and I would like to begin an ANR however he is currently overseas. I’ve been hand stimulating and pumping for about a week but from everything I’ve read nothing compares to nursing an actual person. So, to that end, I’m seeking someone to occassionally nurse to help induce. I would like to be ready for when I and my SO are together later in the year or early next year.

    Ideally I would prefer a female to nurse. To be upfront, I am bisexual and my SO is open to me exploring relationships with women but my primary goal here is to induce lactation not to find a sexual partner. However if there is some chemistry that’s not off the table either.

    Email is

    If you have any interest lets talk.

    Thank you!

      1. Nicole-

        Are you in the States? If so… Let’s Talk

        6’3, Brown, Blue, Caucasian… Jock Type and Fit. Well Groomed and Mannered.

        Intelligent and Educated Executive

        tooblackbmw at g mail

  61. Male 43 in North Kent UK interested in an ANR/ABF.
    Can travel a reasonable distance. Long held desire to provide kind and caring attention.

    1. I’m in Kentucky. Looking for a SWM wanting A ANR. Must be professional,discreet and alot of class. I’m 43 always wanted to try this. Ideal match would be a retiree. Someone who is flexible with there time. My nipples await.

      1. Amelia,

        I am local to Louisville, and know the meaning of discretion. 49, not retiree, but willing to be as flexible with time as possible.

      1. Im in Arkansas lisa
        Very clean, intimate, passionate and intelligent man.
        Retired but still young. Can come to you or i hv a wonderful home, you can come to me. Whicherver works.

    1. hi im very interested in finding a ANR/ABF partner I have been looking for a long time with no luck at all. im new to this and a huge boob and nipple lover to I cant suck on boobs enough and im very serious about finding a partner for on going long term suckling if you you are email me please I live in las vegas,nv please if close contact me!!

  62. I continue in my quest to find a casual ANR with a woman in London, UK. I recently hit 40 but will not give up the search.

    1. I see so many in need of a wet nurse in the UK. I’m from US and currently lactating and looking but was just curious, is it more popular and much more talked about? I’d love to hear from Londoners perspective

  63. SWM college graduate age 60 searching for an open minded female for anrabf in Tampa Bay, florida. My desire is to be in a relationship that includes adult nursing. Bonding with someone that no one else shares is a wonderful thing. Having that special relationship with her would make me more happier.
    An adult nursing relationship fills that missing link between a couple. The bonding, sensual and erotic connection that we all want to feel. ANR is having a tie to someone that is stronger and more meaningful than a traditional relationship. The idea of having such an intimate connection with someone who shares this desire is such a turn-on and I do not want a relationship without it.

  64. Hi, I’m a 56 year old guy and would love to build a safe relationship with a ABF female in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am willing to travel I am compassionate and nursing is a way of showing compassion I believe. I
    would enjoy meeting this person very much so..

      1. Hi Angela,
        Please pardon that I am replying to your posting to Gary. From that posting of yours I see you are somewhere in SoCal, so I’m wondering whereabouts you are located. I’m in north San Diego county… a 63-year-young single Caucasian male, professionally employed, D/D free, clean, caring, respectful. 5’10” tall, 170 lbs, very fit. I’m looking for a special lady to share a suckling relationship. I say a “suckling” instead of an “ANR” relationship because I am very open to enjoying dry suckling if my partner prefers or is not yet ready to be induced. I get a lot of pleasure and fulfillment as I suckle your sweet warm nipples and see you drift into blissful contentment yourself! So if this piques your interest I hope you will get back to me either via email at or text to 619-840-1646. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

      2. hi im very interested in finding a ANR/ABF partner I have been looking for a long time with no luck at all. im new to this and a huge boob and nipple lover to I cant suck on boobs enough and im very serious about finding a partner for on going long term suckling if you you are email me please I live in las vegas,nv please if close contact me!!

      3. Still seeking? 62 yrs, young minded, sensually and erotically aware. All the tenderness you could ask for in an ANR relationship shared in soft, candle light during enduring sessions.

  65. Ladies, you truly all are a very special gift from Mother Nature! Am an experienced middle aged SWM living in N.E. Ohio. Anxious to meet a Lady desiring a committed partner that will nurse at her breasts when/how she desires. Am in the zip code 44663 area just south of Canton, Ohio. Have wet/dry nursed in the past. How may I serve your needs, Ladies?!!! Ciao. mark

  66. Hello ladies! My name is mark from Atlanta. Georgia! I’d love to meet a local lactating woman who enjoys men sucking her milk! I think it is so beautiful and delicious sucking milk from a woman’s breasts!

  67. Hi,
    I am 32 , San Diego, 6′ tall, athletic, fit/healthy, medium-light skin, and many consider me attractive person. I am discreet and non-sexual.
    I am experienced with ABF. I am looking for a woman in San Diego to share in Adult Breastfeeding. Not long ago I had a small group of women that use to seek me for this but then I got busy, I would like to return to this most loving experience.


    Thank you.

      1. I am very interested Nicca. I am a 45 year old white male, very fit , clean and engaging and looking to bond. I am near charlotte, NC.

  68. I’m 31 yrs old Male, living in East Bay California. I’m looking for an ABF/ANR partner for a while. Let me know if any lady is interested to breast feed me

    1. I wish we lived closer! I’m in KS and I’m currently 8 months postpartum with a huge oversupply. I’d love to nurse you and give you a great drink of my breastmilk

  69. Hi there – my name’s Mark, I’m a single black male, 45, quiet, private and very discreet, and I’d so much want to be suckled and nursed by a single, special, loving female, 35-45, hair colour, height, weight, looks doesn’t matter, and hope to have a long term relationship with her, and to share everything with her always; I live in the London area, and will be willing to travel, especially on weekends. My email is, and my mobile number 07761315176; hope to hear from anyone willing to fulfill my desires soon.

  70. Hi, I’m 31 from ny. Looking for a man or woman to help me induce as I have never lactated before. I would love to try drinking milk also. Would need to be very discrete, I’m pretty shy and unexperienced

    1. Hi Paige ,, Gary here, I’m in western ny looking for a serious partner.. If interested here’s my e-mail.. 917 Pookiebear@

    2. Where are you looking acted Paige? I am a 45 year old white male, very fit , clean and engaging and looking to bond. I am near charlotte, NC.

  71. I am in a different boat than others on here. I am a 38 year old female diagnosed with DID (Disassociative Identity Disorder) which means I have different personalities because I was heavily abused as a child by my mother. I have a 3 year old personality who reverts to an infant who has never felt the love of a mother and has a desire to breastfeed and bond with a mother this way. NOT looking for Sexual pleasure, but just the feeling of being held, safe and loved. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  72. I’m 34 single professional very down to earth witty white male but has one fetish of suckling on big boobs. I first did it about 10 years ago and its something that I crave. Saw your ad, I know it was 3 months ago in London UK.

    you can reach me on kik redorwhite1471

  73. Anyone who come from Indonesia?
    I m 21 years old looking for any lactate woman around 20-35 years old. I m open minded and want to have good relationship

  74. Am a voluptuous black female wanting to be suckled by someone special.

    Am looking for a distinctive person who understands the art of ABF long term bonding with a discreet and sensual individual person. I am based in London.UK.

    I am dry and do not have any milk yet so im hoping that this special person will suckle me gentle with consistency which will hopefully with patience induce lactation.

    I am a full figured woman.

    Only a Patient loving person please apply.

  75. Hi! I’m an older guy looking for committed ABF/ANR in Lincoln UK. Own accommodation and car so can host and travel locally to share the special bond that only nursing can give. I have some experience and am very keen.

  76. San Diego CA. Never lactated. Petite. 58young. Brunette.
    Looking for my kindhearted generous gentleman. Loves to travel.

    1. Hello Wanting For My Man,
      I am new to this web site and I’m so happy I found your posting. You fit what I am looking for in an ANR partner… a mature yet young-at-heart, petite brunette (nothing wrong with blondes… I just happen to love brunettes!)… plus you are close to my own age and enjoy traveling!

      I’m a 63-year-young Caucasian male, fit, professionally employed, honest, D/D free. I live in north San Diego county. And just as you have never lactated, so also have I yet to experience the pleasures of tasting warm sweet milk from a woman’s nurturing breasts. But since I do so enjoy the wonderfully relaxing, yet arousing pleasures that come just from suckling a pair of sensitive breasts and nipples, it is by no means necessary that my partner be currently lactating at the start.

      I would love to explore the possibilities of sharing this journey with you! If any of this piques your interest, I hope you will contact me either via email at or text to 619-840-1646.

  77. Greetings Ladies!

    I am looking to connect with a woman who shares my desire for the closeness, intimacy and pure pleasure that an ANR brings. I would love to feed from your full milky breasts if you are currently lactating, or dry suckle you either to help bring in your milk, or as an end in itself, since that can also bring as much pleasure and fulfillment as suckling from lactating tits.

    I prefer women who are bright, charming, upbeat, height-weight proportional (but I won’t complain if you’re non-proportionally busty!). A woman who is romantic, sexy and a hot kisser! She has a good sense of humor, able to laugh at herself, doesn’t get wound up over small stuff.

    I’m a fit Caucasian male, single, 63 years young, D/D free, clean, caring, respectful. I live and work in north San Diego county as a computer professional.

    If this appeals to you, I hope you will contact me either via email at or text me at 619-840-1646. I look forward to latching on to you soon!

  78. Hi my names adrian just looking for someone whos willingly able to feed me some milk because i love it but i am taken but would love to keep this discreet and im in california.

  79. Hello ladies i love sucking breastmilk like theres no tomorrow and im northern cali im 6 ft. tall and a lil thick and love to cuddle while breastfeeding so if theres anyone interested hit me up.

  80. Hello ladies , my name is David 22yrs old college student who lives in Los Angeles, California. I’ve always wanted to be breast fed by someone. I guess because i wasnt breastfed when i was a baby and wish to know how it feels. It doesn’t matter, ANR/ABF/ wet nursing/ dry nursing I just want to suckle on tits and at the same time help the other person out. If interested please let me know, thanks:

  81. Hi all! Looking for males or females in HOUSTON for an ABF relationship, dry suckling only, that is. I am half white, half black and I’m in my late twenties. Not sure of the size of my breasts but last I measured I was an E cup. This can definitely be ongoing, would love to eventually find two people to suck from me at once. Provide emails so we can work something out! I’ll be checking back here frequently for replies ; )

  82. Hi there looking for anr relationship in seattle area Im mature and understand this kind of relationship and im willing to make the commitment

  83. Hi, I’m a 39 year old professional male in Dallas, TX. Would love to find a lady in my area to begin an ANR with! You can message me on kik at Major9501 or reply here. Thanks!

  84. New to all this and it is so exiting. I would love to work up to an anr but want to start as an abf. Im 24 athletic build spanish and have a beard. I live in Davenport FL any women looking?

  85. I’m a male in Memphis, black,married and I would like to experience this. My wife claims to be willing but never available. I have no preferences or anything, but having experienced it during pregnancy makes me want it long term!

  86. I am a male 44 who is interested in finding out more about it an having a connection and bond like no other.. please put ABF in subject line.

  87. I am a male 53 who is interested in a long-term ABF relationship and bonding and comfort with a connection that is meaningful. I am in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

  88. Hey names adrian looking to suckle some breast i love the bonding and intimacy (no sex required) im 23 and 6ft tall, weigh 225lb good looking guy and want someone to breast feed me from time to time and be discete, I am taking but wish to help both our needs and i live in Pittsburg,CA and anyone near me please contact me at

  89. I experienced a ABF/ANR while serving in the US Military Overseas. I felt this this might be exclusively European. I have been trying to find what I lost here in Indianapolis, Indiana; however, it never seems to work out. I travel as I choose across the United States (most frequently to Dallas and Louisville). Due to the fact I am in a tele-work status, relocation for the right relationship is a realistic option.
    I am seeking my counterpart:
    Caucasian, 6’3, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Athletic, Well Groomed and Mannered.
    I am:
    Respectful of Boundaries, Committed to the Process and Can Be Discrete if Needed.
    I Would be Very Interested in an Eastern or Western European Woman and/or a Woman from the UK (I lived in Hereford and Aldershot) who Travels to the US. A Professional Business Traveler- may also be able to Link our Schedules.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

  90. 42 yo swm looking for long term anr near nashville, tn. my ex wife nursed me extensively and I loved the intimacy and would love to find it again. I’m into yoga, buddhism, and meditation and would ideally like to find someone with similar interests to share a lifelong bond. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  91. hi im very interested in finding a ANR/ABF partner I have been looking for a long time with no luck at all. im really wanting this and a huge boob and nipple lover to I cant suck on boobs enough and im very serious about finding a partner for on going long term suckling if you are a female wanting/needing this also and wanting daily suckling or even multi suckling daily or however you want it and need a dedicated partner in Las Vegas, NV or nearby please email me please and lets fill each others needs and desires ASAP..please contact me!! im 45 good looking 180lb great body and fit 6’1tall im very clean and disease free and if your married or attached and your man is not into it im very discreet and its our secret!! thank you very much!!

  92. Hi I’m a male is Southern New Hampshire looking for an ANR/ABF I was in one a few years ago and have missed the bond and taste :^) ever since


  93. HI there….I am super new to this so bear with me. I was never able to have children but I have a strong desire to breastfeed others. So I’m attempting to lactate with massage and I can suck myself….but I would really like some help. I want so badly to feed others. Anyone willing? I am in Ontario canada. Thanks for reading!

  94. Hi Ladies!

    I’m a single female who is private discreet committed and honestly seeking an ABR with a large breasted/large nipple female for a long term ABR. I am in Massachusetts about 20 minutes north of Boston. I want you to be clean, disease and drug free, committed to the process. If this sounds good let’s connect. Thank you!

    1. Hey Ann! I’m from Toledo, OH noto sure how far that is from you, but if it’s a reasonable distance I can travel

  95. Female in va beach looking to have my boobs dry suckled until milk comes on again. Possibly by a female so I can suckle hers too. Liz72388@gmail

  96. 45 yr male in the Seattle area looking to suckle on some huge boobs, I’m talking like DDD’S and bigger. If you are lactating I don’t care how big they are. I just love really big boobs. And I have an insatiable desire for breast milk and or huge boobs in my face. Not looking for sex just massive boob time. Hmu and suffocate me with your awesome boobage.

  97. hi im 21 years old asian guy, i enjoy laying on a woman’s lap and suckle her breast for hours, im not looking for sex. seeking for partner in vancouver area.

    1. Kay, have you found a partner around Little Rock area ?? If not let me know live close by… Leave me a message and a way to contact you…

  98. Looking for a lady in the southern Maryland area that is looking for an abf relationship… I am an experienced suckler that has helped a few women induce lactation in the past. If you are interested message me ok kik… bdd87 or email me @

  99. Looking for an ABF partner. I have never lactated before but I am very eager to try. I love having my breasts and nipples sucked on and played with and the thought of producing milk is very exciting to me. In the Chicagoland area.

    1. Dear Bunny…
      Maybe you might like a move, As I currently live in mainland China near Macau and HK and I am TRULY looking for a live in ANR partner who wants to be flowing with milk and suckled several times a day.. Since your not lactating we can enjoy the long inducement procedure together as that will make Us sincerely bond as one! I would love to chat with you so we both can understand if our needs are equally on par, as attitude for inducement is critical for success! This is real as you won’t find a more dedicated guy in ANR than ME!!!

      My ID is: Guam1955
      Skype: markallenbright

  100. Seeking a sweet person in Denver, CO for a longterm ANR/ABF and relationship. See where it leads. I am 57 yr. old faithful, caring. affectionate, love to laugh and love closeness. Drug and disease free, non-smoker. I have been looking for a very long time, so here is hoping. 🙂

  101. Looking for a true ANR
    I’m a very young 55 year old
    All woman
    Lady with morals and values looking for same

    Confident bubbly outgoing personality
    My heart and spirit are my best features
    I’m sassy and love intelligent men!!!
    If you are married or under 45 please pass me by.
    If all you want is ABF then I’m not the woman for you!!!
    Hope you all find what you are looking for!!!

  102. Hello,
    I’m new to this website, but I’ve had a lot of experience with ABF. I’ve had two Breast Feeding Relationships so far. Once when I was younger in High School and another in my late 20’s. I’m 30 now, and I’ve been looking for someone ever since then! I feel like the most important part of ABF is a strong nurturing feeling between both people. It’s such an amazing experience. If there’s any women in the San Diego area that is interested in someone with experience, let me know!

  103. hi my name is james, I’m a 23 year old male that is looking for any single girl to breastfeed me in calgary or near in alberta.

  104. Im from Miami, Florida, and im looking for a woman in south florida willing to share great moments. If you looking to induce or dry nurse, contact me.

  105. I am a swm age 60 college graduate residing in St. Petersburg, Fl searching for a woman that appreciates and desires a man’s extra attention to her breasts and would be open to induce lactation for him.

    Curious if you are that woman?

  106. Hello Ladies! I would love to help you in your quest to lactate. Or if you simply want to enjoy sensuous dry suckling, that’s great as well! I’m a very fit SWM living in SoCal. Feel free to email me at, or text to 619-840-1646. Let’s share this adventure together!

  107. Hi beautiful women,
    I am 40+ male Asian indian looking seriouslyrics for adult breast feeding. I love small and big lactating boobs. Am in buffalo NY . My email waiting for reply. Can give donation if asked.

  108. Hi Beautiful People 😘

    I’m looking for an abf connection here in Portland, Or
    I’ve had some experience and wanting to deepen it. 🌞

    Kik me at dragonfireburn

  109. I’m 34 black curvy lady seeking a long term ABF relationship. Something serious. Live in Omaha Ne. Thought I was double D’s but got my tits measured for a bra,found out I’m actually Tripple D’s.
    If you’re looking for that same bond, message me.

  110. Hello
    I live in Dubai United Arab Emirates, I am looking fora gentleman who is willing to travel to Dubai, is above 50 and will be patient enough to introduce me the ABF lifestyle. I am of East Indian origin, 43 years of age and have never been married. I have very limited sexual experience ( a choice I have made) however I am a very sensual loving person and would love to experience the close intimacy this kind of relationship can bring.
    I would like to meet someone who lives in the UK (as my formative years were spent there.) I am a full figured woman 5’2 “

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